Student FAQ

Q. How do I apply for a scholarship?

A. You must first register with the Berlin Foundation site. To register, go to the Berlin Foundation Home page and look in the upper right hand corner. Click on the Register link and follow the instructions on the Register page.

Q. I regisgtered but I didn’t get a password notice email. What should I do?

A. Make sure  your email address is correct on the BFEF Scholarship Application (cover sheet).  Occasionally the password notice will be delivered to a spam or junk mail box.  Check your spam and/or junk mail box, if it is not there use the Contacts page to email the administrator.

Q. How can I change my Cover Sheet (Student Rating Scale, Acceptance Letter … etc.)?

A. You can change any part of your application until make your final submission, after that you will not be able to edit or replace any of the items in the checklist. Until that time, any of the submissions can be deleted and re-uploaded, or if you are using the on-page editor, edited and saved again.

Q. How and when will I know if I have won a scholarship?

A. Recipients of the scholarships will be notified in May through the guidance office or at a Senior Awards Night.

Q. Must both the Student Rating Sheets be filled out by teachers?

A. One sheet must be filled out by a teacher. The other may be completed by a teacher, administrator, member of the clergy, the student’s employer or volunteer supervisor, law enforcement official or elected government official.

Q. I can’t open a PDF file. Where can I get the reader.

A. The Adobe™ reader can be downloaded from here.

Q. How do I convert a paper document to a file I can submit?

A. To convert a paper document to any kind of file format requires a scanner.  The Berlin Foundation web site will accept a variety of file formats (tiff, pdf, doc, rtf, txt, jpg, xls,csv).  For instance, most scanners can create TIFF or JPG files, some can create PDF files.  You may be able to get help with scanning your documents from your school faculty, AV club, Computer lab, public library, friends or family.