The Application Process

Welcome to the Berlin Family Education Foundation Student Scholarship application process.

Our online application system was created to simplify and standardize our rigorous application process.

Follow these steps to make sure your application is filed correctly:

  1. Verify that you are eligible to be awarded the BFEF Student Scholarship. You can view the eligibility requirements here.
  2. Register on the website as a student.
  3. View the application checklist and assemble your application materials.
  4. Begin your application. Follow these tips:
    – Plan ahead. Make certain to have any school records you need ahead of time. The application deadline is April 1 and will not be extended.
    – Read and follow the requirements for each step of the application and follow the requirements for file size, length etc.
    – Make certain that any file you upload is a single file. Your uploads can be multiple pages but must be a single file.
    – Compose your essays in your favorite word processing program then cut and paste into your application so that if you lose internet connection you don’t lose your essay.
    – Don’t worry about fancy formatting for your essays or student resume.
    – Do worry about spelling and grammar.
    – Focus on sharing your personal story and how a BFEF Scholarship will impact you.
  5. Save your application before exiting the browser. You can come back to your application and continue, but only if you SAVE.
  6. Double check your application to make sure it is complete before submitting. Once your application has been submitted you will not be able to edit it in any way.
  7. Submit your application.

If you have questions as you complete the application process be sure to check the FAQ.

We look forward to learning about you and evaluating your student application!